You know us. You love us. And now, you're wondering what the heck ever happened to us.

Yep, it's us. The band Kellogg loved to go see all the time at the Keg, the Mark II, and a host of other places we'd rather not mention.

So with all of that, and all of the time that has passed, you're probably wondering: how did 6 scrappy kids from the Chicago burbs get together and form the best band Kellogg has yet to ever produce? Well, intrepid reader, Read on.

How would you describe our music? "Crap," "Cool music," or "Huh?" These are just a few of the adjectives people have used in describing our brand of music.

Some have called our brand of tuneage "basement frat rock," which although flattering, doesn't begin to describe to you, curious reader, what we sound like. Think of the Distractions as a cross between the Ramones and the Turtles: grungy, almost dirty garage band rock, with hints of happy happy joy joy thrown in for your listening enjoyment. Cross Duran Duran with Pearl Jam, and you've got us. Read on!

The Distractions (in their present incarnation) got their start in 1993 as 6 kids from Evanston, Illinois who got together to form a band. With three female singers, two guitars and a drummer who looked faintly like Bun E Carlos of Cheap Trick, fame was in our destiny. We deserved it. Heck - destiny was owed to us. Quickly reviewing the high and low points in our fabulous career (no particular order), we remember:

  1. Playing at Lisa Bradner's wedding and having her jump up on stage to jam with the band in her wedding dress

  2. Playing in front of 1,000 liquored up (and deliriously appreciative) Kellogg fans at the 1994 International Beerfest

  3. The infamous "Liquored Up Set" at Davis Street, during which Ned categorically proved that you really shouldn't drink lots of rum punch when you're taking antibiotics

  4. Having The Keg build a stage so we could look even cooler when we sang poorly

  5. Beating the crap out of the U Chicago band at the Battle of the Bands

  6. Numerous occasions at the Keg

  7. Our passion for playing songs in shows that the band had never previously rehearsed

  8. Our drummer marrying one of the fans in the crowd

  9. The Distractions Reunion concert in May, 1995, for which we practiced a whopping hour.

  10. The Distractions Reunion concert in May, 2009, for which I don’t remember practicing.

Now there is another Distractions, and that would be the Distractions from Dartmouth College, of which Ned was a member from ’87 - 89. However, they didn’t have cameras in the dark ages, and only a cassette tape from a formal still exists in terms of “media” from back then. But I digress.

Welcome To The Distractions