The Toys

The Band Your Mom Warned You About


The Toys occasionally add and subtract members, using highly complicated band math. You can also check out The Petty Gripes, another side project of the band for even more band info.

Band onstage at 2008 La Mirada Festival. L-R: Tim Kilpin, Richie Weintraub, Steve LaBella, Johanna Kent, Ned Ward, Felix Holst

The Toys are a group of scrappy musicians, mostly from the South Bay here in Los Angeles. Have you ever heard of us? Maybe, if you've been to some of our exciting live shows in equally exotic places such as El Segundo or Phoenix, Arizona. But don't worry! You'll get to hear our stuff soon enough. Like many bands, we play cool originals as well as occasional great covers. Actually to say occasional might be slightly stretching the truth...